Oh dear, this one is just so dreamy. That perfect shade of cotton candy pink. The best thing about this lamp - IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. Completely original and unique, straight from Shroom in the Room's sketchbooks!

Ideally suited for those who have trouble falling asleep. Just turn it on and voilà! Please note that this is not a reading lamp.
A perfect conversation piece when guests arrive at your home. Comments like "do those crystals glow for real?", "where did you harvest it?", "in which planet did you find it?" may occur.

Our night lamps are made to order and each lamp will differ slightly because we're using completely natural materials!

Unicorn Hair

219,00 €Price

  • • Crystals:
    Natural clear quartz crystals with all of their perfect imperfections. Straight from the mines and as big as ever. Untreated, unheated, and as natural as they get. Go ruggedness! I mean, have you ever seen a GLOWING CRYSTAL? We promise that you won't be able to look away for hours after turning your lamp on for the first time. They are truly mesmerizing.

    • Moss:
    Natural stabilized moss. It will remain soft for touch and rich in color and you will never have to take care of it. We promise. It might dry out a bit if you're living in extremely dry climates (if indoor humidity levels tend to drop below 25%). However, the moss fully regains its original fluffiness and sponginess as soon as it is reintroduced into a bit more humid environment. Please do not water the moss! The lamp is only meant to be used indoors.

    • Wood:
    Natural alder - carefully selected and dried, straight from the Northern European forest of ours.

    • Light:
    An easily replaceable LED lamp.


    • Dimensions:

    Please note that all of the dimensions are approximate as all of our lamps may ever so slightly vary in sizes due to their natural nature.

    Height: 9 cm (3.5 inches)

    Depth: 9 cm (3.5 inches)

    Length: 22 cm (8.5 inches)

    Weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs)

    • The cord and the plug
    Black or transparent cord (matching the lamp design)
    Plug - standard European plug. However, if you're a US citizen, we will gladly provide you with an adaptor.