This one looks so high-end, doesn't it? Like straight out of a magazine cover about modern living. Selenite wands give off this mystical matte glow, engulfing the whole room in some forgotten heavenly magic. The black moss looks quite surreal while the concrete base is pleasantly bright and, oh, so delightfully weighty.

So, the story behind these lamps goes like this: Shroom in the Room owns a private spaceship, called "The Harvester". We wander off to the farthest edges of the universe in search of glowing crystals. So far, we have discovered a couple of uninhabited planets and a handful of moons, abundant with bioluminescent crystal and mineral specimens. We try to leave the smallest impact on the natural surroundings as humanly possible. Our precisely calibrated spaceship cuts out a perfect cube out of the planet's soil, leaving behind nothing more but a tiny hole. The glowing crystals and moss grows back and fills in the gap in no time.

The best thing about this lamp - IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. Look no further, there is nothing like it. Our company is actually the first one ever to make crystals glow. And it is so magical! Completely original and unique, these lamps came straight from Shroom in the Room's sketchbooks!

Forest of Solitude

199,00 €Price
  • • Size (approximate):
    Height: 7.0 in // 18 cm
    Width: 4.7 in // 12 cm
    Weight: 4.1 lbs // 1,9 kg

    • Crystals:
    White selenite wands.
    The crystals are all-natural - straight from the mines, untreated, unheated and not faceted (just the way we like it). Go ruggedness!

    • Moss:
    Natural stabilized moss. It will remain soft and rich in color and you will never have to take care of it.
    Please do not water it. If the moss becomes a bit stiff, it means that air humidity is below 35%. When the humidity reaches at least 40%, the moss will become soft again, no need to worry. Not suitable for outside use.

    • Base:
    Natural white concrete.

    • Light:
    The nightlight is lit with low voltage LEDs. There is a hatch underneath which can be opened and the LEDs can be replaced if needed. Please note, that this is not a reading lamp.

    • The cord
    A black standard USB type A cord of approx. 60 in // 150 cm
    If you are a Northern American or European user, we will gladly include a FREE ADAPTER!
    The lamp can be plugged into your laptop or power bank to make it glow.